Many AE schemes were not written by a financial professional; meaning they were rarely written befittingly for both employer and employees, especially if they were set up using one of the four main auto enrolment providers.

Frequently these auto enrolment schemes were applied for using in house HR or accounts department with very little guidance. This was usually set up as a box ticking exercise without much thought given, this means your auto enrolment scheme isn’t working hard enough for you and could even be non-compliant.

At Athena Wealth Ltd we understand that your business’ time and staff are at a premium especially with what is happening in the wider world today. Due to this we have developed an end-to-end process that requires minimum input from employer and employee, allowing you to concentrate on your day-to-day business. Initially, we only ask that you supply us with your auto enrolment information so we can conduct our research and calculations before you decide to proceed with our advice.

Companies are always looking to increase profits. We offer a solution that will provide increased net profits without making significant changes to your business. In today’s world can you really afford to wait any longer? 

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